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Cassandra Cain

Cass Cain Fan Campaign


The idea is that on, let’s say, August 31st, fans goes to comixology and buy Batgirl #1.

The goal is to get her on the bestseller list for the day (or longer) and prove to DC that she’s not “toxic” and there are still fans who want to read about the character.

So, anyone interested?

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Cass ♥

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20 days of The Batman #3: The Batgirl part Deux by Tim Tapp

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god, i love her so much

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Anfortas’s commission! He requested an action-packed portrait of Cassandra Cain, a.k.a. BATGIRL!

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Pink asked for Steph and Cass and I was looking thru a fashion mag earlier so I couldnt resist using them as an excuse to draw clothes.

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“Even from my angle, I could see her kind of…squint. And then…I don’t know what happened.

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you cant even tell its cass?

I love this.

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